Young Artist of the Week #3

This week’s Young Artist of the week is Hasini! Hasini has been coming to Art City for one year now. During her free time she can always be found in the crafts room working on making flowers and other paper crafts. Hasini loves to paint animals and sweets–especially cakes–and draw people and scenes that inspire her. In the short time that she has been here Hasini has also learned and improved her techniques in paining and drawing. She has difficulty picking a favourite colour because she thinks all of them are too beautiful and shows that in her bright art! We see her as someone with a bright and colourful personality and can’t wait to see the amazing works she will continue to make!

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March Break – Part II

March Break was an exciting week at Art City! Our young artists worked hard all week to make the amazing art you see here. The students worked on their drawing skills with pastels, painted complicated sculptures, and designed some amazing masks. We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to see what else our young artists will make during regular programming!


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March Break 2016

For the week of March 14-18, Art City will take a break from after-school programming and run March Break classes. Classes will run for the duration of the week from 1:00-5:00 pm. We can’t wait to share in all the fun activities and creative work of the students! Regular after-school programming will resume March 21, 2016.  Happy March break to all of our students and their families!

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Young Artist of the Week #2

Come meet Elizabeth! Young Artist of the week! She is one of oldest student who has been coming to Art City for past 4-5 years. Her bubbly personality brings joy and laughter to Art City. Over the years, she has made good friends, especially with Tanya; both of them have performed and showcased their gymnastic skills. Elizabeth loves to paint; she has not only improved her skills and knowledge in painting but also in drawing. She has very unique and interesting style of drawing. We see her as a very confident young artist who can excel at anything she puts her mind to.

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Young Artist of the Week

Every week in the month of February, we will be showcasing the artworks of a young artist from Art City Toronto, for the series called Young Artist of the Week with the #youngartist2016 and #artistoftheweek.

Please like, comment and share and encourage these students.

The very first selected artist for this series is a young inventor named Pranav age 7. Pranav has been coming to Art City for past two years now and we see him creating very unusual sculptures and masks during his free time. He also excels at drawing; even though we often hear him say that he is not good at drawing. He gives away his wonderful drawings and creations to Art City and to other students. He is very independent and likes to solve and do things in his own. We see him as a great creator, inventor and problem solver.


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For the past 15 years, Art City in St. James Town has offered young children in the neighbourhood opportunities to cultivate their own creative powers.

Our mission is to cultivate these skills with youth who do not always have access to the advantages of an arts education because of economic and social barriers. Our programs are FREE of charge, and we provide snacks, field trips and opportunities to work with Toronto-based artists.

Despite Art City’s remarkable ability to provide youth with a sense of agency – a sense that they have the power to build something themselves, and an enduring idea that they can be active, engaged, productive members of their community, we have encountered great hurdles with regard to our funding.

“Our challenge at Art City is to secure dependable funding. We are committed to offering these programs FREE of charge which is why we’ve turned to crowd sourcing as a fundraiser this year,” explains Jared Peters, Executive Director. Our committed volunteers produced a video to demonstrate how Art City has positively impacted the lives of children.

Our goal is $50,000 and we are asking each viewer to contribute a minimum of $25.00. We are certain that as more people watch the video, recognize what we’re about, it will be shared as widely as possible and we will reach our goal.



We couldn’t have made it this far, made such a remarkable difference and delivered such exceptional programming without the support of our community of funders.

“I joined Art City as a board member in 2012, because as an artist and art educator, I know the importance of visual arts in a child’s development. Art education is proven to improve creativity, focus, academic performance and decision-making skills,” maintains Alia Toor, Chair of the Board of Directors.

“If we want to make a difference in our children’s future, we have to make it ourselves,” says Toor.


Media Inquiries: Jared Peters, Executive Director

Contact Information: 416.944.0315

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Mapping the Neighbourhood with Kyla Brown

This year, for the fall 2016 program, students at Art City had the opportunity to work with Resident Artist Kyla Brown. She brought in ideas of working with mapping as a material, an engaging approach that challenged students with new conceptual and artistic ideas.

Students looked at the idea of mapping through their neighbourhood landscape, such as where do they go or visit daily- school, home, Art City etc.

Students did various indoor and outdoor projects with Kyla, including a group drawing of a subjective ‘map’ of their community throughout the 4 weeks of residency. IMG_3127.JPG

Student also went on a walk with their drawing machines around their neighbourhood. This drawing machine was attached to arms and legs, so that marks from pencils and pastels responded to the movements of their bodies as they walked through the community. The students also made rubbings of various textures from buildings and the pavement during their walk.

To complete the residency Kyla had compiled every student’s artwork, and introduced techniques of bookbinding to the students. They added a title, description, signatures and other details to personalize their books. It was a great accomplishment for the kids to make a book consisting of their artworks.

The students learned so much from Kyla. The residency engaged the students with new artistic concerns and practices, and through the creation of artistic maps the students developed new ideas about what moving through and inhabiting their community can mean.

Discover more of Kyla Brown’s art on her website:

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