Goodbye to Summer 2015 and Welcoming Fall

This summer, new chairs/office equipment and freshly painted walls started the exciting summer camp program at Art City. Huge thanks goes to Trillium Foundation for providing the equipment grant.

Throughout summer, we explored a wide variety of artistic practices and materials such as Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, and Sculpture, and we also had a week of art themed on Animal and a week all about comics. Also, the 6-week camp extended to 7th week with new resident Artist- RadioDress.

This summer we challenged the students to expand their creative horizons and artistic boundaries as actual young sprouting artists. We made them think outside of the box using their imagination to create various artworks, telling a visual and a unique story. Also, the resident artist Radiodress brought relativity new topics for them such as the Indigenous history and the self exploration with family stories to create artworks. Also students loved using and creating sound art and felt accomplished by taking their final recorded CD and it’s cover as an artwork. Summer ended with a wonderful group project called Sandy Knoll lead by the Resident artist.

GOODBYE Summer, we had so much fun!!

Here comes Fall 2015 with new and exciting programs such as Art and Drama with Suitcase Theatre. Art City cannot wait to start the fall after-school program on September 29th, 2015.  Hope to see everyone there. 3 week58IMG_0432week 561IMG_0510IMG_0766  week 7.156 IMG_0752


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