First week: Let’s Paint -Summer Camp at Art City

Week 1, Let’s Paint was very successful among kids as they enjoy all different kinds of techniques and materials to finish their masterpieces. Kids arrived at 1 :00pm and 1:30pm they were shown various artist works to inspire them to paint. Daily they created 2 pieces of artwork, and in the between they took a break for healthy snack from Second Harvest and enjoyed outdoor games. (image1)

Some of the techniques the kids mastered over the week are learning and using tinting, complimentary, warm and cold colours in creating various of their artworks. There were various Artists who inspired these kids to create wonderful artwork. For example, they created Sonia & Robert Delaunay’s bright, colourful geometric inspired Paintings (image 2). They also learned to express their feelings through abstract artworks inspired by Jackson Pollock, John Kissick and Mark Rothko (Image 3). They also created landscape paintings inspired by Tom Thomson and Group of Seven (Image 4).

On Thursday we took the kids to a trip to Art Gallery of Ontario AGO. Kids had loads of fun trying costumes, posing with artworks and drawing their favourite work (Images 5-10). They also looked at quite a few artist artworks that they discussed and created paintings inspired by them. Thank you to Kids Up Front for providing us the tickets to AGO..

On the last day, we had wonderful Show Case of all the works and kids were really excited to show all their wonderful work to their parents as they came to pick them up.

Thank you and Hurray to all the volunteers and staff members, who spent their uttermost best to make this week amazing for all the kids.

1.1 week10

(Image 1, Lily and Simon preparing Snack)

1.2 week18

(Image 2, Bright Geometric Abstract watercolours)

1.5 week1

(Image 3, Abstract Expressionism)

1.5 week2 ( Image 4)

1.4 week7 1.4 week4 unnamed-6 1.4 week11.4 week27 1.4 week29(Images5-10, AGO Trip)


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  1. dbrhharding

    Lots of fun!

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