Art City in St. James Town opened its doors on December 2000 as a not-for-profit organization committed to providing after school art programs to the children and youth of this community. The art programs are intended to foster creative thinking and nurture self-esteem and personal accomplishment. Since the fall of 2008 we have developed studio programs for the youth of this community. The studio is in a storefront space located beneath a high-rise apartment complex. It is highly visible and accessible. The space provides a safe non-discriminatory environment, dedicated to providing opportunities for the young people of St. James Town. We invite input and feedback from the parents, caregivers and other community members that influence and participate in the everyday lives of these children.

Art City is registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. We rely on the support of the community to realize our mandate of promoting the development of creative thinking, problem solving, confidence and respect in the young people in St. James Town through our free art programs.

About St. James Town:

St. James Town is the largest high-rise community in Canada. It consists of 19 high-rise buildings (14 to 32 stories). These massive residential towers were built in the 1960s. Approximately 17,000 people live in the neighbourhood’s 19 apartment towers, making it Canada’s most densely populated community, and one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods anywhere in North America.

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  1. Hi, and thank you for deciding to follow my blog, and reblogging one of my posts about All Our Relations murals in Allen Gardens. I think what you do is really important, and I look forward to your future activities

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