Young Artist of the Week

Every week in the month of February, we will be showcasing the artworks of a young artist from Art City Toronto, for the series called Young Artist of the Week with the #youngartist2016 and #artistoftheweek.

Please like, comment and share and encourage these students.

The very first selected artist for this series is a young inventor named Pranav age 7. Pranav has been coming to Art City for past two years now and we see him creating very unusual sculptures and masks during his free time. He also excels at drawing; even though we often hear him say that he is not good at drawing. He gives away his wonderful drawings and creations to Art City and to other students. He is very independent and likes to solve and do things in his own. We see him as a great creator, inventor and problem solver.


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One response to “Young Artist of the Week

  1. This is wonderful, Pranav. I especially love your drawings and the masks are very cool.Art City is lucky to have you!

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