For the past 15 years, Art City in St. James Town has offered young children in the neighbourhood opportunities to cultivate their own creative powers.

Our mission is to cultivate these skills with youth who do not always have access to the advantages of an arts education because of economic and social barriers. Our programs are FREE of charge, and we provide snacks, field trips and opportunities to work with Toronto-based artists.

Despite Art City’s remarkable ability to provide youth with a sense of agency – a sense that they have the power to build something themselves, and an enduring idea that they can be active, engaged, productive members of their community, we have encountered great hurdles with regard to our funding.

“Our challenge at Art City is to secure dependable funding. We are committed to offering these programs FREE of charge which is why we’ve turned to crowd sourcing as a fundraiser this year,” explains Jared Peters, Executive Director. Our committed volunteers produced a video to demonstrate how Art City has positively impacted the lives of children.

Our goal is $50,000 and we are asking each viewer to contribute a minimum of $25.00. We are certain that as more people watch the video, recognize what we’re about, it will be shared as widely as possible and we will reach our goal.



We couldn’t have made it this far, made such a remarkable difference and delivered such exceptional programming without the support of our community of funders.

“I joined Art City as a board member in 2012, because as an artist and art educator, I know the importance of visual arts in a child’s development. Art education is proven to improve creativity, focus, academic performance and decision-making skills,” maintains Alia Toor, Chair of the Board of Directors.

“If we want to make a difference in our children’s future, we have to make it ourselves,” says Toor.


Media Inquiries: Jared Peters, Executive Director

Contact Information: 416.944.0315

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