Food –Draw, Paint, Sculpt but Never Eat

Over the winter programming, kids painted, drew and sculpted their favorite desert /food.  The art was inspired my artists Claes Oldenburg’s food sculptures and Wayne Thiebaud’s cake paintings. It became the most fun and interesting art activity for the students as they pretend eating their hand-made sculpted food and paintings.

The sculptures took 2 classes for the students to finish. First class they molded paper into their desired food shape and then taped and glued it to maintain its shape. During the next class they painted the sculptures to bring their food to life. S  ome create exaggerated versions of ice creams and sushi with chopsticks.  Other students created burgers and chicken legs to munch on.

The desert painting also required two-step process. First the students underlay their paintings with brown under-paint for the shadows and then overlaid with bright colors to make their desert paintings more realistic.

Well, Art City not only had the kids make their favourite, sweet and yummy food but also made them draw and paint some healthy food such as the apple paintings inspired by the artist Paul Cezanne and some still-life fruits and vegetable drawings.

DSCN2994 DSCN29961510033_947370155315037_3222004087494277506_n photo 2 (2)IMG_20150529_172035DSCN2956


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  1. dbrhharding

    How wonderful…and YUMMY.

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