Mapping the Neighbourhood with Kyla Brown

This year, for the fall 2016 program, students at Art City had the opportunity to work with Resident Artist Kyla Brown. She brought in ideas of working with mapping as a material, an engaging approach that challenged students with new conceptual and artistic ideas.

Students looked at the idea of mapping through their neighbourhood landscape, such as where do they go or visit daily- school, home, Art City etc.

Students did various indoor and outdoor projects with Kyla, including a group drawing of a subjective ‘map’ of their community throughout the 4 weeks of residency. IMG_3127.JPG

Student also went on a walk with their drawing machines around their neighbourhood. This drawing machine was attached to arms and legs, so that marks from pencils and pastels responded to the movements of their bodies as they walked through the community. The students also made rubbings of various textures from buildings and the pavement during their walk.

To complete the residency Kyla had compiled every student’s artwork, and introduced techniques of bookbinding to the students. They added a title, description, signatures and other details to personalize their books. It was a great accomplishment for the kids to make a book consisting of their artworks.

The students learned so much from Kyla. The residency engaged the students with new artistic concerns and practices, and through the creation of artistic maps the students developed new ideas about what moving through and inhabiting their community can mean.

Discover more of Kyla Brown’s art on her website:

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