Week 5 – “Let’s Sculpt”

Although this week was shortened due to the Civic holiday, this week has been an adventurous one for the children.  We had field trips to High Park and to Green Thumbs where they learned about different animals and their habitats, and they learned about agriculture and artistic floral arrangements.

Aside from the physical and mental exercises from the trips, the students worked hard in the studio creating vibrant masks and wonderful frogs using mediums such as tissue paper, clay, plaster and acrylic paints.  Anyone care to kiss one of the frogs to see if they can free Prince Charming from the evil Queen’s spell?

Enjoy this week’s photos and don’t forget to like us on Facebook to see more photos and other updates! Also, stay tuned next week for our final blog of 2014’s Summer Program.  Week 6 – “Let’s Print” will be filled with different printmaking techniques which include silkscreen and lino-cuts.  We can’t wait!

DSCN1994 DSCN1997




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