March in Review

The past month was very busy, with rainbow looms, visiting groups, and March Break. All the Art City kids want to do before and after class is rainbow looms. They make bracelets, rings, charms, necklaces and they use their fingers instead of the tray. It is so nice to see the kids sharing and teaching each other new techniques. Yesterday, Simon who is 7 taught our communications assistant how to make a bracelet using her fingers. CRAZY!

Image ImageImageImage

This year Art City ran a photography March break program for ages 8-14. They learned how to use an SLR and used photography to create graphic stencils for silk screen designs. The designs were then printed on tote bags. During the week we had a special volunteer teach Art City how to book bind (make a book). Since it is still cold out we took the opportunity to go skating at the Harbourfront Center. For most it was their first time skating and a lot of laughs. Before every class, local day cares would come to Art City in the morning experience one of our workshops. At the end of the week the kids created a stencil and screen printed the object on to a tote bag and then decorated it. Over all a busy week!

Image ImageImage 

The last three Thursday’s at Art City we were busy making Creative Selfies for the Capital One in house art show. Our art will up between April – July in the Toronto office.


March has been a great month and with fall coming to an end we will be staring our Artist in Residence program.  During April we will have an artist come in twice a week for the month to teach a new workshop. Stay tuned, more details to come! 


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