‘LIKE’ to Bring Hashtag Poetry Portraits to Art City

HASHTAG POETRY PORTRAITS – explores the indigenous concept of “the web of life” through the lens of mobile technology. Kids from St. James Town will shoot a series of Instagrams on mobile phones; which represent people, places or things which connect to the web of St. James Town. Then each participant will choose two images to develop a poetic narrative using the online language of #hashtags. The hashtag strings are like individual threads but with the introduction of word play, rhyme, and a variety of poetic forms, such as (Haiku, Concrete, Acrostic, Cinquain, Proverbial) they weave together a single web. Text will be superimposed on images using graphic software and images will be printed and showcased at the DCLRP Community Gallery.

Mahlikah Awe:ri is a First Nations Red Slam MC and Musician; Arts Educator, Spoken Word Artist; Published Writer; Radio Show Host, Community Arts Activist. 

NEIGHBOURHOOD : St. James Town, Regent Park



If this project WINS the most LIKES, they will come to Art City! 

Like away! 


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