Submit your Art Work- BIG BOOK Project

A Digital Anthology of Writing & Visual Arts in Scarborough

What is the BIG ART BOOK project?
A fresh assortment of creativity; an invitation to make new connections; an opportunity to embrace new media and build upon traditional forms of artistic expression in Scarborough. This year’s project has been inspired by the Wikipedia open source definition of Digital Literacy. Simply put, Digital Literacy refers to how we access, absorb, share and interact with information, not just being literate at using a computer.

The BIG ART BOOK crosses creative boundaries.
The BIG ART BOOK blurs lines to link people together through original artwork and writing.
The BIG ART BOOK opens a broad cultural conversation, where your input is essential.
The BIG ART BOOK samples a fresh assortment of creativity.
The BIG ART BOOK is about the power of expression, and celebrating our ideas.

Scarborough is a diverse community with a creative pulse.  Scarborough Arts develops, delivers and promotes arts programming and cultural initiatives in collaboration with the community.

2013 Theme
Your submission must relate to one or more of the following terms; literally, conceptually or abstractly.

future; human; digital; animal

 The unique interpretation of this challenge up to you. There is no correct answer.

Submission deadline is Monday, March 4, 2013

Who Can Submit?
Project is open to all residents of Planet Earth.
You do not need to be a member of Scarborough Arts, but we’d love it if you join!

What Can I Submit?
Submit 1 or 2 separate works (feel free to submit a mix of both visual art and writing)

How to Enter


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