What Happened to the Balloons?

Last week we posted 1 photo of balloons and some viewers were confused because it was sculpture Thursday. What are we making out of yellow balloons, there are so many possibilities.

article26jamestown 003We had to search all over the city to find the right buttons for the right price. But when we found them, we struck gold and Thursday was button overload.  In this batch of buttons we found a Harry Potter one along with designer label buttons as well!

article26jamestown 016

article26jamestown 006

article26jamestown 012

article26jamestown 014

We love it when parents hang out and help during art class! HELLO ALEX!

article26jamestown 008

article26jamestown 017

Thanks to our Volunteers!

article26jamestown 010

article26jamestown 024

article26jamestown 023

article26jamestown 022

article26jamestown 026

Any guesses so far on what were making ?


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