DONATION DRIVE: Help Support SYiM Youth Artists (Toronto)

Help support youth art!



Southern Youth in Motion will be hosting a showcase event honouring the youth that are participating in this new initiative at Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win: North South Partnership for Children. The event is planned for December 1st at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. Youth participants from across northern Ontario will be in attendance and exhibiting some of their artwork at the event. SYiM would like to present these youth with ‘loot bags’ as a way of thanking them for their participation but also to ensure they are able to continue to pursue their passion.

For these ‘loot bags’ SYiM is seeking donations of the following items:
– 100 sketch books
– 50 pencil sets
– 50 paint sets
– 10 canvases
– Embroidery and fabric donations
– 20 airbrush supply kits with paint
– 20 caligraphy sets
– 50 stencil kits
– 10 sculpture kits

Donations can be dropped off…

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