Shopping for Fall! Get the New Look!

Its time for the Fall After School program to finally start. The walls at Art City have been bare long enough, we want them covered in ART!! Leading up to Tuesday (start date) the staff have been writing grants, attending new community program launches, major fall cleaning,fundraising, planning the program, hosted a registration night and many other small things that help make Art City run smoothly.

Anyways we got an anonymous tip about someone giving away free art supplies so we made a move and  WOW the stuff we saw was amazing. So many different things, our minds were going crazy with all the activities we could plan!

Have a look!!

Thank you to everyone around the world who visits our blog, we appreciate it very much and the children love being a part of it. A happy Thanksgiving for us North Americans and to everyone else who does not celebrate this holiday have a great weekend!!


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