The Best of Summer 2012

Summer is almost over and back to school shopping has already begun. This being said its time to show you the staffs top pictures from the Summer Program!

Week 1: Planes, Trains and Automobiles ages 6-9


A lot of the children here are new to Art City and we hope to see them again in the Fall.


This is our part – time Artistic Director, Judy who comes to Art City on a regular basis. She only likes having her photo taken when its convenient for her.

Judy’s duties:

– Smiles and laughs constantly.

– Makes you laugh.

– Always wants to sit in the office.

– Likes being Gillian’s assistant during field trips.

– Professional story writer during free art time.

Week 2: Photography & Design ages 10-13 



This week the older youth went on a tip to the Lomography Store where they learned about their style of cameras and shot on film rather then digital.

Week 3: 3,2,1…Outerspace ages 6-9



Everyone was getting creative when creating their plants. Some did not turn out as planned but that’s okay because the children made earth monsters.
No tears for Essar and Rachel, happy as ever.

Week 4: Fashion & Fabric ages 6-13

This was a crazy week at Art City. Fashion and Fabrics meant making wallets, pencils cases and hand bags out of duck tape, a million different types of jewellery and silk screening.



This young man is proudly showing off his screen print t-shirt which he created himself.


– Enjoys controlling the radio.

– Encouraging a sing -a -long while the workshops are in session.

– Talks, talks, talks, and talks a lot.

– A pleasure to be around and has been coming to Art City ever since he was able to.


We took a trip to the Textile Museum in Toronto and he is proudly showing off his bookmarks!


What a smart bunch, when it came time to get ready and go home these guys decided to make their own kite and fly it over this large air vent.


Someone is super happy, showing off her new duck tape hand bag which by the way she brought to Art City on field trip days.


– Loves Art City

– Smiles all the time

– Makes you things

– Fashion Queen

Week 5: Parks & Pencils ages 10-13



– A very talented artist

– Volunteered a lot this summer as well as participated

– Awesome.


These two are hilarious.


Our inters and volunteers chilling at the park.

Week 6: Time Travelers ages 6-13Image


– An Art City regular who has the brightest smile.


-Very polite

– Enjoys coming to Art City everyday all year round.

– Creative

– Likes to help other.

At Evergreen Brickworks

This summer was a great one at Art City. We had new youth from different ages join our summer program and are now eager to come back in the fall. Each week we went on different field rips around the city that reflected the theme of the week. Almost all trips were outdoors so everyone could enjoy the hot summer weather.

Art City thanks everyone who donated and volunteered to make the summer program a great success.


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