Sketching Trip to Allan Gardens

Today we went to Allan Gardens to work on our sketching and we visited the artist working on the The Nindinawemaaganidok /All My Relations-Mural Project.The 719 foot mural project was launched in June and is almost near completion thanks to the  21 Toronto Aboriginal community artist working on it. The mural will signify 5 different topics combined with Aboriginal history in the city of Toronto.

1. Aboriginal women who have been murdered or have gone missing across Canada ( more then 600).

2. A time line of the creation story to present day.

3.The North and South Indigenous nations coming together.

4. Indigenous teachings

5. The importance of water.

So far the mural is looking really cool and we keep checking the Facebook page for the updated photos. The mural is expected to stay up for 3 years and after that it may be in the Pam Ann games auctioned off. Either way the mural is a great way to inform Torontonians about the First Nations in the city.




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4 responses to “Sketching Trip to Allan Gardens

  1. sara

    I really and highly recommend a stroll around Allen Gardens. You will pause with complete awe once you discover such beauty (beyond words) reflected in the Mural! It’s sheer magic!

  2. You need to walk around it to really enjoy this interesting work of art. Watch:

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