One Week, 116 Students, 5 Jam-Packed Days!

March Break is always fun, but especially at Art City! We held a number of activities and there was always something to do.

Day 1: We started doing our silk screenings for our puppets. We also were introduced to bead buddies, which the kids loved and was hard to get them to do anything else! Gimp was also a big hit with the students.  We went through our entire supply of gimp, and learned how to make 5 new bracelets along the way!

Day 2:Poly Puzzle came to visit! . They showed us their creative paper inventions and opened the floor to the kids to make some of their own wacky creatures, fully equipped with googelly- eyes and feathers!

Day 3: Off to COBA dance! We got a dancing lesson from the amazing dancers at COBA. The kids loved learning to move, twist, jump, shake and explore new movements. 

Day 4: We finished our silk screening puppets and got to put them together! The puppets were lots of fun and the students all made their own type of monsters and added lots of feathers, pom poms, and googelly eyes.

Day 5: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We had our own St. Patrick’s Day party and wore green to get into the spirit of things and learned some of the history of St. Patrick’s Day. We made our own type of coins to put in a ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow. Each student designed two coins and included the country, year, and monetary amount of their choice.

It was a busy week, but wouldn’t have it any other way! The students had so much fun and got to learn loads.

We greatly appreciated our guests artists and workshop leaders, the kids loved your activities and had lots of fun doing them! Special thanks to the 21 volunteers and interns who helped us out this week, you were incredibly helpful!

Written by Melisande Pittl-Meier, an intern at Art City from George Brown, with help from Editor-in-Chief Ashanae, age 6.


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